9/11 Public Discourse Project


The project's small staff will:

  • serve as an information clearing house - responding to public and media inquiries regarding the work of the 9-11 Commission;
  • organize commissioner representation at town hall meetings - providing a public forum for citizens to evaluate how best to safeguard America;
  • organize commissioner response to speaking opportunities - responding to requests for commissioners to speak at venues that will reach into universities, civic organizations and gatherings of opinion leaders;
  • arrange editorial board meetings - informing the leadership of news outlets on the issues;
  • respond to inquiries from executive and legislative policymakers - enunciating the findings and recommendations of the 9-11 Commission; and
  • communicate directly with opinion leaders - conducting informational briefings with think tank scholars, academic leaders and other public policy experts.



December 5: Report Card on Recommendations
Final Report on 9/11 Commmission Recommendations

  • Final Report on 9/11 Commission Recommendation (PDF)
  • One page summary of grades (PDF)
  • Prepared Statement (PDF)

November 14: Report Card on Recommendations
Part III: Foreign Policy, Public Diplomacy, and Nonproliferation

  • Download the Report (PDF)
  • Remarks (PDF)

October 20: Report Card on Recommendations
Part II: Reforming the Institutions of Government

  • Download the Report (PDF)
  • Remarks (PDF)

September 14: Report Card on Recommendations
Part I: Homeland Security, Emergency Preparedness and Response

  • Download the Report (PDF)
  • Kean-Hamilton Prepared Statement on Report (PDF)

National Archives: 9/11 Commission Records